What are the main purposes of making Cylinergy?

You will get the answer from the picture. That are all about Cylinergy main function for our daily life.

It will produce UNLIMITED and FREE electrical energy without using FUEL or BATTERIES.

Cylinergy is totally green to earth… no pollution… no noise

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The Idea of Cylinergy: Portable Free Electrical Green Energy Generator Wirhout Harm Environment


The main purposes of his ideas and knowledges to build Cylinergy just to keep out our earth from a lot of pollutions. Then, to help people save their monthly budget on electric bills especially poor people who live in village. Cylinergy is totally GREEN device because there are no noise, no fuel, no battery or any hazardous substance in it. User will get unlimited electrical energy sources for free with Cylinergy.

Most people who stay in standard size houses will pay around $100 to $200 monthly on electric bills. Some of them pay up to $450 monthly. This amount for electricity is a burden to poor people who live in village. Some of them just use a generator to get an electric energy but only if they have money to buy a fuel. Some of them just use candle light or traditional lamp because they can’t afford to buy a generator.

Basically, Cylinergy will help them to get a free source of electricity without spending on monthly bill or fuel. When they have enough electricity, their children can study and do a school homework more comfort with enough brightness in their houses.

Cylinergy is easy to use and easy to carry. Just turn the button and this device will supply unlimited electricity for free without using any fuel or battery.

How it works?

In simple terms, Cylinergy use a repellent magnetic field to create a limitless rotation of main energy wheel to produce electricity constatly. As you know, magnet have a good repellent force to move another magnet without making any noice or direct contact. Cylinergy use the advantage of magnet to produce electricity anytime and anywhere so that we can charge our phone or laptop whenever we need. Fortunately, Cylinergy is designed to be a portable device. Every user can carry it to every place they want to use the electrical supply from Cylinergy.

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